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Mikael Pawlo mikael@pawlo.com
Fri Mar 19 01:00:21 PST 2004

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On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, Mister Bad wrote:
> So, I figured after the discussion we had on this list it'd be
> appropriate to point out that there's a new Web site dedicated to Free
> Culture: 
>         http://www.freeculture.org/
> They seem to be emphasizing their wiki -- which is good:
>         http://www.freeculture.org/wiki/
> P.S. The site seems to be inspired, at least somewhat, by Larry
> Lessig's new book, _Free_Culture_:
> ...which, strangely enough, doesn't seem to be available under a
> Creative Commons or any other free redistribution license.

A qualified guess: Larry will release it under Founder's copyright:

...that is 14 years of protection.

Why should it be freely (at no cost) available from day one? That has
never been Larry's argument.

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