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Eugen Leitl eugen@leitl.org
Mon Mar 8 11:41:12 PST 2004

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 10:14:35AM -0800, Teh Entar-Nick wrote:

> 	And then we all become gods when the extropian singularity

It could happen (it depends on how difficult naturally intelligent AI is).
But it's more a vingean singularity. Hence pretty unextropian.

> passes over our homes!  FREE ELECTRICITY TO EVERYBODY, and hosannahs
> to Tesla!

No. Most likely it would be the end of the biosphere, you and me included.
Just industrial pollution on steroids, and the humanity at the receiving end
of it, for a change.
> 	If you can write a better article, then you ought to try.  But

Andreas Grote has been spamming the c't with a series of mildly greenish 
articles over the years. Unfortunately, it's in kraut, otherwise I'd put 
them online.

> the one you pasted in was full of hand-waving, and the fact that you

I didn't paste an article. I retrocommented on the thread's comments.

> have to spend all this energy clarifying is a sign of its weakness.

I was more bemused by the depth of general ignorance on pretty 
basic issues, rather. 

> Perhaps you could give a rundown of the chemicals used in the process
> by weight, and list them based on the risk to flora and fauna and
> overall ecological health.  

I could; but you, too, can google.
> 	I mean, hell, there's a bathtub in this flat that occasionally
> holds a hundred gallons of chemicals.  OOOO, CHEMICALS!!!  FEEEAR

Water usage as solvent is typically not taken into account, only waste
> 	Are there any good writeups on buildnig a super low-power
> low-heat server box?  I'd love to move to a VIA chip for zork, since

You can buy them. There's one which takes 1/2 depth of 1U (fanless), so you
can put two of them into 1U.

> it's I/O bound, and even a lame low-power chip has to be faster than
> the K6 it's using now.

It is. I was wrong about the 1 GHz VIA, though. It's not yet available. The
fastest you seem to be able to do fanless is 600 MHz. The Nehemia one still
takes a fan.
> 	I don't know if mini-ITX in the answer, though.  I'd like it
> to be rackable if possible.

I've seen some ads, but I can't stand up right now. I found
right away, so there must be serveral.
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