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Ben Woodard ben@zork.net
Sat Mar 6 02:16:01 PST 2004

For those elite enough to live in the bay area, this might be an
interesting get together but not elite enough to read Politech for
yourselves (I know -- I know this is a vanishingly small number but
I've been surprised recently a few times.) I thought that I'd pass
this on.

It will be interesting to see who shows up.  Who has been following
Politech and thinks highly enough of it or of Declan himself to put
forth the effort and spend an evening with him. Personally, I've found
that Declan seems to gather together a big enough fraction of issues
that I care about that I'm interested in meeting the other people who
think the same way. (I wonder are thinking the same thing as me. Wow
-- just think a whole bunch of people will be unknowingly be coming
there to meet me. It could be hundreds. I'm a star. I am the center of
the universe after all... ;-) )


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Some folks (led by the indomitable Annalee Newitz) have suggested an
informal Politech gathering in San Francisco next week. Annalee
recommended the House of Shields at 39 New Mongomery, south of
Market, which makes sense to me.

So here are the details:
House of Shields
Wed Mar 10

Here's a web page for linking purposes:

Hope to see you there!

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