[linux-elitists] Content and its discontents

Jeff Kinz jkinz@kinz.org
Thu Mar 4 10:20:27 PST 2004

On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 12:41:54PM -0500, Mister Bad wrote:
> So, I've been thinking about the word "content". 
> For example, text, images, video, audio, etc. are all "content".

and source code is content when presented as source.

Before "The Web" existed (and before WAIS and other automated tools),
The only thing on the internet was:


Most of it in much simpler formats than available today of course.

The entire internet was, and still is (IMNSHO), driven by the
desire/need to access content.

I don't view the use of the term "content" is diminishing or patronizing,
There is a tendency for supposedly technical folks (Some of them), to
look down their noses at non-or-less-technical folks.

This is hypocritical on the part of the technical folks since most of
them can't produce that content just as the non-tech folks can't do the
tech folks work either.

The word content is just fine. Maybe some attitudes need to be adjusted
(or mal-adjusted.. :) ).

> So I thought I'd throw the question open. What is that stuff? What's a
> good name for it?

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