Santa Clara Organization (was Re: [linux-elitists] Caldera/SCO sues Autozone, Daimler-Chrysler)

Mister Bad
Wed Mar 3 12:15:40 PST 2004

>>>>> "KMS" == Karsten M Self <> writes:

    KMS> 1. "Caldera/SCO" refers to the company which sold GNU/Linux
    KMS> for over ten years, which confusingly renamed itself to "The
    KMS> SCO Group" _after_ launching legal actions.  "The Santa Cruz
    KMS> Operation", original developers of Xenix, and purchasers of
    KMS> some Unix rights from Novell (who bought same from AT&T) is a
    KMS> separate organization now known as Tarantella.  Novell itself
    KMS> is now countersuing Caldera/SCO.

So, one thing I thought interesting in this report about Eben Moglen
and Darl McBride speaking at the Berkman Center: that Darl McBride is referenced as CEO of the "Santa Clara
Organization." (!) Is this just a simple typo on the author's part --
_wanting_ SCO to stand for something, and getting Santa Cruz and Santa
Clara confused?  Or is there any other reference to the "Santa Clara
Organization" around?

Google searches turn up a lot of references to "_a_ Santa Clara
organization", and one or two for "_the_ Santa Clara Organization":

If Caldera/SCO is using the name "Santa Clara Organization", WHY?! To
cause further confusion with the Santa Cruz Operation? To associate
themselves with the city of Santa Clara, Hotbed of Technical
Innovation? To make it look like "SCO" is an acronym and not just a
random sequence of letters?

~Mr. Bad

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