[linux-elitists] Windows refunds continue to occur.

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Wed Mar 3 10:03:08 PST 2004

	People still send me windows-refund stuff now and again.  I
thought this one was more encouraging than most.

----- Forwarded message from "jerryc@innerpeace.org" <jerryc@innerpeace.org> -----

Dear Fellow Luggers,

Most of you will be pleased to know that I just received a refund from
Office Depot on the Windows XP and Microsoft Money and Works that came
with my new computer. Attached is the affadavit that I used to get it.

I'm not sure that this will work with other vendors. Office Depot is
somewhat unusual in that they line item everything in a computer
package, making it easy to get a refund on things that you do not want,
such as Microsoft software. They listed XP at $20, and Works/Money at
$10, making my refund $30 plus tax.

It did take manager's approval. Here's the part you'll love. When the
manager asked me what was wrong with it I answered, "It's Windows!" He
reached for his pen and ok'd the refund without any further discussion.

Pass it on.





I, [your name], hereby declare and affirm as follows and, if called to
testify, can testify competently to the facts contained herein:

On [date of delivery], my new [brand and model] computer was delivered
with Windows XP Home Edition, product key number [key number],
preinstalled on the hard drive. That evening, I deleted all Windows
software from the hard drive and removed all Windows partitions from
said hard drive.

There were no disks for Windows XP that came with the machine. I did
not make any backup copies of the software that came with the machine.
The computer also came with a CD for Microsoft Money and Works. I did
not install or use that CD, nor did I make any backup copies of it or
the software on it.

I have removed the Certificate of Authenticity for Windows that came
with the Computer and am returning it, along with the license and the
Microsoft Money and Works CD.

The foregoing is true and correct based upon my personal knowledge.


Executed this [date] day of [month, year] at [city], [state].

[your signature]

[your name printed], 


----- End forwarded message -----

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