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Several of you might know Arun as the original founder of the Linux-India 

Sounds like a good idea  - sort of grassroots Alexa stuff. Perhaps it could 
be made P2P as well?

What are your thoughts?


>Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 12:11:23 -0700
>From: Arun Sharma <arun@sharma-home.net>
>To: udhay@pobox.com
>Subject: Reader rated web pages
>Hi Udhay,
>I don't know if you noticed my posting to LIG a few weeks back about:
>I burnt a couple of weekends on this one and it's been languishing ever 
>since. I hate to see it die for the lack of good marketing skills on my 
>Any good ideas on getting people to download it and try it out (short of 
>bundling it with spyware ?) :)
>        -Arun

((Udhay Shankar N)) ((udhay @ pobox.com)) ((www.digeratus.com))

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