[linux-elitists] "reverse" rtty type of utility?

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com
Mon Jun 14 13:18:47 PDT 2004

I'm throwing this request out this way since I've been unsuccessful in my web 
searches and the local communities have looked at me sideways for making such 
a request.  Perhaps the eclectic group here has some insight or experience in 

I'm looking for a "reverse" rtty/conserver/ttywatch type of program.

I have an Ascend Max which has 24 modems hanging off of a T1 that I'd like to 
present to HylaFax as character devices.  The Ascend has a "telnet-a-modem" 
feature whereby you connect to port 5000 and you are in a "live" session with 
a modem; you can send the standard fare of Hayes AT commands and so on.

Hylafax only works with character devices so I figured there might be 
something out there which emulated a regular character device and would relay 
the characters send to a telnet session, establishing it if necessary and 
relaying any characters sent by the remote side back.

The OpenH323 people have created T38modem which will emulate a character 
device (and faxmodem) and present the session to a T38-compliant voice 
server.  rtty and friends all do the opposite of what I'm looking for; they 
allow you to telnet to a local character device.

So, before embarking on my own mini Frankenstein's software monster I thought 
I'd ask and try and prevent some wheel-reinventing, if at all possible.


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