[linux-elitists] Pet Peeve of the Day

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Sun Jun 13 16:28:17 PDT 2004

In the immortal words of Tim Hammerquist <tim+linux-elitists@vegeta.ath.cx>:
> Greg Folkert wrote:
> > I call that one rule. You know the one that says Every discussion will
> > eventually mention the "N" or "H" word, or some will call someone the
> > "N" or "H" word.
> > 
> > You know, that one...
> Is that the one whose corollary states that if invoked intentionally to
> end a thread, it will fail?

>From the "Godwin's Law FAQ":



6.  "Hitler!"  Ha!  The thread is over!

    Nope, doesn't work that way.  Not only is it wrong to say that a
thread is over when Godwin's Law is invoked anyway (Usenet threads
virtually always outlive their usefulness), but long ago a corollary to
the Law was proposed and accepted by Taki "Quirk" Kogama (quirk@swcp.com):

    Quirk's Exception: Intentional invocation of this so-called
                     "Nazi Clause" is ineffectual.

    Sorry, folks.  Nice try, though.



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