[linux-elitists] Pet Peeve of the Day

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Sun Jun 13 12:23:29 PDT 2004

You know what drives me _absolutely_nuts_? Web sites that don't do
content negotiation to figure out what language my browser uses.

I shouldn't have to search around the page and poke through a whole
lot of Gluten-Gleeben-Glauten-Globen roll-over buttons to find the
language that suits my needs.

HTTP provides for content negotiation to determine what language(s)
the browser can accept, and what languages the server can serve. It's
a nice, sophisticated system, and if you run Apache and use
MultiViews, it's more or less automagical.

Yes, language links are a good fallback if content negotiation goes
astray (say, for example, an English speaker like myself is sitting in
a Sweedish cybercafe). But in general, language selection should
happen automagically.

In closing, I hate language links, and God bless the Republican Party.

~Mr. Bad 

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