[linux-elitists] Separating Content from Presentation [was: Seperating Content from Presentation]

Wendell Cochran atrypa@eskimo.com
Wed Jun 9 18:06:14 PDT 2004

Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 15:16:13 +1000
From: Mike MacCana <mikem@cyber.com.au>
On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 15:28, Ben Finney wrote: 
> > On 31-May-2004, Mike MacCana wrote:
> > > On Sun, 2004-05-30 at 17:28, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> > > > Please set your mailer/editor linewrap to 68-75 characters.  I
> > > > strongly recommend 72 as a good default..
> > > Maillers shouldn't wrap at all. Wrapping is a terrible idea 
> > > assumes one's audience:
> > > 1. Reads their email in a monospaced font
> > No, it doesn't assume this.  If the line-wrapped mail is rendered 
in the
> > user's chosen font, it is no less readable if the lines are 

> One line (with lots of i characters) is half as long an another 
> lots of ems). Sounds unreadable to me.

Now we're seesawing toward a sound rule of thumb based on research
way back in the time of the Harvard Mark I (or earlier) -- adopted
by typographers & advertising copywriters trying to make reading
easy for prospective customers.

The rule: For optimum readability, use lines 1.5 times the length of
the pertinent lower-case alphabet.

Hubris rivaling billg's incites some computer people to reinvent
wheels almost as old as the kind with an axle.  Too often they botch
the job.

Wendell Cochran
West Seattle

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