[linux-elitists] Congrats to Don Marti!

Jeff Kinz jkinz@kinz.org
Wed Jun 9 14:45:25 PDT 2004

I don't know if anybody else missed it, (I did), but
Don is a Dad!, His family has a new baby boy.   

Congratulations, Don.

Pic at:

Best wishes and may he start sleeping through the night early!

Jeff Kinz,  Emergent Research,  Hudson, MA.  
"If anybody ever tells you that you're using the language incorrectly,
just yell 'prescriptive grammarian!' at the top of your voice and all
the linguists in the building will run over and surround the guy' and
then they'll rough him up."
The(re) is no such thing as correct usage; only common usage and prescribed usage. 

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