[linux-elitists] Linksys router and GPIO or serial port?

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Wed Jun 2 07:05:03 PDT 2004

<quote who="mbp@sourcefrog.net">

> The most likely step towards Cringely's scenario is that I would have a
> cellphone and a router thingy, but no landline.  I think I would feel
> reasonably safe having only a cellphone for emergency calls.

That was going to be my serious answer, too.

> I don't see how it requires large adoption.  If it's available at my home
> it is useful regardless of how other people use it because it can bridge
> to the regular phone system.  
> I am not saying it will play out exactly as Cringely says.  I don't think
> even Cringely would say that.  But I would expect to see more VOIP, more
> wireless, more free software.  Wireless is perhaps less of a natural
> monopoly than wired service, so there might be a more chaotic market.

Throw things like multicast DNS and increasing interest in collaboration and
peer-to-peer software into the mix, and it starts looking like a neat walkie
talkie, cubby house, community building tool. I dunno. It could be a pile of
shit, but there's a lot of wacky stuff you could do with a closely linked,
massively distributed (more so than we already have) network like that. The
Cringemeister is at least thinking about some of the possibilities...

I know, let's call it a market! That'll get the creative juices salivating--

- Jeff

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