[linux-elitists] Linksys router and GPIO or serial port?

Martin Pool mbp@samba.org
Tue Jun 1 19:44:44 PDT 2004

On  2 Jun 2004, Jeff Waugh <jdub@perkypants.org> wrote:
> <quote who="Etienne Goyer">
> > Off course, I am going to trust a ramshackle network built on
> > consumer-grade equipement, running a best-effort protocol over a medium
> > sensitive to interference and managed by your Average Joe for my telephony
> > needs ...
> Of course, I am going to trust a ramshackle operating system built on free
> consumer-grade compilers, running a best-effort security regime over a wide
> open network and written by pimply, undergrad coders for my enterprise
> computing needs...

I wonder: how close are we to the point where having reliable IP is
more important than having reliable landline service?  If the net was
down at my office for a day I think that would be more costly than
having landlines down for a day.

My local phone/TV/ADSL provider (Transact) has had ~96 hours downtime
of at least one service in the last few months.  That is not so hard
to beat.

Telephony has the special case of carrying calls to emergency services
but it's not clear to me that the whole system needs to be engineered
to that level, rather than allowing the market to price QoS.  How
often do you make a life-and-death call?

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