[linux-elitists] Linksys router and GPIO or serial port?

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Jun 1 11:28:07 PDT 2004

Yeah, yeah, yeah, disruptive technology,
hack the phone system, power to the
community network, and all that...
(thanks for the link, Jeff:

But what I want to know is: has anyone put one
or more general-purpose I/O lines, or a serial
port, on this thing?  There are pads for a
serial port on some of the board photos here:

Or is the way to go, if you want to make a wireless
fish feeder or whatever, just to hook up some kind
of 8-bit microcontroller with Ethernet support to
the Ethernet on the Linksys box?

Boxes that have a serial port and one wired Ethernet
are about four times the price of the Linksys box,
and the Linksys is wireless.

Don Marti
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