[linux-elitists] EFF Freedom Fest @ LinuxWorld Aug 4 5:00pm

Mae Ling Mak spinster@spinster.org
Tue Jul 27 13:57:31 PDT 2004

anyone know anything i can do to help?

On 27Jul2004 01:54PM (-0700), Larry M. Augustin 7-bit ASCIIed me:					
> Mark your calendars.  The EFF's annual Freedom Fest will be held in
> conjunction with LinuxWorld this year on August 4 at Yerba Buena Gardens in
> San Francisco.  I'm pleased that EFF, LinuxWorld, and Red Hat were all able
> to work together to make this happen.
> For more info see the EFF's Web page at
> http://www.eff.org/freedomfest/2004a.php.
> Larry
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