[linux-elitists] New Kernel Dev model...

mbp@sourcefrog.net mbp@sourcefrog.net
Fri Jul 23 06:32:49 PDT 2004

On 22 Jul 2004, Greg KH <greg@kroah.com> wrote:

> Hahahaha.  That Debian kernel is full of patches.  Slackware is the
> closest I've seen, and Gentoo now only has 4 things[1] added to their
> kernel (not including bug fixes that are already in the current tree,
> that will be thrown away with the next release.)  And as I'm the
> maintainer of that package for them, I'm trying to get that down to 0.

That's great.  Next time somebody says "have you seen
funroll-loops.org?", I can say "have you seen greg k-h?"

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