[linux-elitists] Judge Sweet

The Robber of Zork robber@zork.net
Thu Jul 22 19:59:09 PDT 2004

begin  Andrew Kohlsmith  quotation:

> Godwin's law was never meant to be "invoked" any more than Moore's Law
> was meant to last forever.

No one other than your own dubious self has mentioned or even hinted at
"invoking" the law. But you seem to be challenged on an even deeper
cognitive level: simply because two statements are termed "laws"
doesn't mean they necessarily have ANYTHING else in common. Further,
you seem to be mistaking some of the uses to which Godwin's Law,
properly understood, has been put, with the law itself. Time is well
spent in the jargon file. 

Maybe in bizarro world the development of solid state devices is
essentially connected _somehow_ with the length of Usenet threads. I
really couldn't say, personally, having been forced out of my domicile
in bizarro world some many years ago by the police of Concord,
Massachusetts. <sigh>

Beware The Frumious Robber of Zork

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