[linux-elitists] Judge Sweet

The Robber of Zork robber@zork.net
Thu Jul 22 13:47:58 PDT 2004

begin  Jim Richardson  quotation:

> You want to live in a police state? move to one. I'd rather not, thanks
> very much. 

That must be it! I must be demented, else why would I quibble with
your rhetoric? That's the answer: I WANT TO LIVE IN A POLICE STATE.

Look, Jim, bubala, only your best friends will tell you: serious
arguments based on comparisons drawn between the US of today and Germany
between the two wars have not been made in many many years. I mean, does
even Chomsky still talk like that, and if he does, is it anything other
than inflammatory but empty buzzwords?

It's too bad we don't have the contents of, say, Partisan Review, or New
Left Review, online in searchable form so we could go back and see JUST
HOW LONG it's been since anyone used that trope. I have a fairly decent
collection of those two mags but they only go back to the sixties and my
guess is we'd have to go back to the Good Old Days prior to Leon getting
the - what was it, an ice pick? - coup de grace courtesy HQ Moscow.

But I digress...

Beware The Frumious Robber of Zork

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