[linux-elitists] rsync hacks (fwd from kragen@pobox.com)

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer@linuxquebec.com
Mon Jul 19 07:05:04 PDT 2004

Dan Wilder wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 16, 2004 at 04:18:01PM -0500, D. Joe Anderson wrote:
>>Reportedly, dump will preserve your atimes.  But, for that
>>matter, I guess dd will, too. 
> So will cpio and tar, of vintages within recent years, with
> appropriate options.

According to the article linked in the parent post, preserving atime 
modify ctime, which screw up incremental backup among other thing.  I 
know incremental backup are evil, but still.  Either way, it's sub-optimal.

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