[linux-elitists] Procmail recipie to add X-ASN header

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Sun Jul 11 05:01:02 PDT 2004

I've posted here previously about the merits of tracking spam by ASN.

I cobbled together a procmail recipie today which adds an X-ASN header
to mail.  I use this in conjunction with a set of recipies derived from
Lars Wirzenius's rules via the Debian spamfilters package.

You should be able to INCLUDE this into your current processing.  Do so
*before* you run SpamAssassin or any other tool which modifies headers
to obscure Received line.

Edit the SMTP_SERVER value to match the text entered by your (or your
trusted upstream) mailserver.

Note that this is a bit simple-minded and won't deal with mailing lists
completely intelligently.

If you're running a Bayesian classifier (e.g.:  SpamAssassin, crm,
etc.), it should pick up this automatically and start classifying this

The rule:

  - Queries asn.routeviews.org for ASN
  - Logs ASN
  - Inserts X-SenderIP: header (dotted quad)
  - Inserts X-ASN: header as "ASN-###" (a bare number is a less unique

Recipie at:



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