[linux-elitists] Kernel Development Statistics

Greg KH greg@kroah.com
Wed Jul 7 08:45:59 PDT 2004

On Mon, Jul 05, 2004 at 11:01:18AM -0400, Adam Rosi-Kessel wrote:
> Here's something I thought would be easy to find on google, but it
> wasn't:
> Does anyone know of a good study of kernel developer statistics?  E.g.,
> how many patches contributed by which developers over what period of
> time; where the kernel developers are geographically; etc..

I didn't check the geographical information, but here's a summary I
wrote up that was published in the first issue of Open Sources magazine.
I got the information directly from the kernel bitkeeper logs:

Feel free to do with it what you want.


greg k-h


The Linux 2.6.0 kernel was released after 680 days of development.  Here
are some statistics about the development cycle during that time period:

- 27149 different changes were accepted into the kernel source
  tree.  That averages out to about 1.66 changes per hour over the
  entire 680 days.
- 916 different developers contributed at least one kernel patch.
- 413 different developers contributed one kernel change.
- 117 different developers contributed two kernel changes.
- 57 different developers contributed three kernel changes.
- 38 different developers contributed four kernel changes.
- 20 different developers contributed five kernel changes.
- The top 10 developers contributed 10933 kernel changes.
- The top 5 developers contributed 6956 kernel changes, averaging
  out to about 10 kernel changes a day.
- There were 6175 merges in the kernel source tree, averaging out
  to about 9 merges a day.
- Including merges and code changes, there were just over 2
  modifications per hour over the entire 680 days of development.

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