[linux-elitists] rdp, ica, vnc, X

Julian Romero julian.romero@gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 06:41:30 PDT 2004

> > Any recommendation? I have in mind vnc (didn't have time to read the
> > license, I'm afraid it's  not so open as I wish)
> > thanks
> DXPC, upon which is built Nomachine NX, is reputedly an open protocol
> that is quite fast for network display.  Don't consider this and
> endorsement as I did not tried it myself, but a colleague did and say it
> is much faster than VNC.
> http://www.vigor.nu/dxpc/
> http://www.nomachine.com/sources.php
Thanks for the pointers. 

It seems they are a bit more complex for what I need. I don't plan to
have a X server available on the client.
I'll study a bit the source code of open VNC clients just to see if I
can reuse part of it or at least pick-up some idea.


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