[linux-elitists] Kernel Development Statistics

Adam Rosi-Kessel adam@rosi-kessel.org
Mon Jul 5 08:01:18 PDT 2004

Here's something I thought would be easy to find on google, but it

Does anyone know of a good study of kernel developer statistics?  E.g.,
how many patches contributed by which developers over what period of
time; where the kernel developers are geographically; etc..

I realize it is probably difficult to get a reliable measure of how much
a particular individual has contributed--for example, a huge patch might
just be fixing a typo or renaming a variable that occurs thousands of
times, so it shouldn't be "credited" equally to a much smaller patch that
effects a substantial optimization.

But in any case, can someone some useful links to this sort of data?  Or
maybe be a better googler than I?
Adam Rosi-Kessel
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