[linux-elitists] Which Linux distribution is the most powerful?

Matthew Galgoci mgalgoci@redhat.com
Thu Jul 1 16:48:35 PDT 2004

> I started looking at some of the competition to compare, but I think
> I've done the right thing by sticking with Debian. Looking over Fedora
> Core 2:
>         http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/package-list/
> ...I only count THREE powerful packages. What kind of distro is that?

Don't forget yum repos set up on fedora.us and freshrpms.net :)

> How can you get the feeling of power from your system if there's only
> three powerful packages?

What defines a 'powerful package' in your eyes, Mr B?
> Anyways, now I'm wondering: what is the most powerful Linux
> distribution? Say, percentage-wise. 

Percentage of what?

100% of crap is still 100% crap :)

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