[linux-elitists] Which Linux distribution is the most powerful?

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Thu Jul 1 16:34:19 PDT 2004

So, after seeing the umpteenth Debian package description mentioning
what a powerful throbbing ur-package is barely contained within the
bulging envelope of this particular .deb, I started wondering: how much
of the software in Debian is actually POWERFUL? Like, so notably
powerful that that's how you'd describe the software; it impresses its
powerful powerness on the maintainer that much that they can't help
mentioning its power.

A quick look at sid:

        evan unicorn:~% apt-cache search powerful | wc -l

Almost 600 powerful packages is a lot of power, and I'd be afraid to
install even one-tenth of those packages to my computer. Sixty mighty
and powerful packages jockeying for full domination of my little
ThinkPad? No way. I can't handle that kind of power.

Still, overall, I've got 14927 total binary packages in sid right now.
So, like, the powerful packages make up less than 4% of the total
package list. I started looking at some of the not-so-powerful packages,
but eventually gave up in disgust:

        a-remove: strip most 0x61 chars from an ASCII stream
        firstthree: show first three frames in a MNG animation
        libgander0-dev: a half-built framework for goose-farming apps
        openoffice.org-bork: Swedish Chef l10n files for OO

I guess once I got a taste for powerful apps, I couldn't reallly go

I started looking at some of the competition to compare, but I think
I've done the right thing by sticking with Debian. Looking over Fedora
Core 2:


...I only count THREE powerful packages. What kind of distro is that?
How can you get the feeling of power from your system if there's only
three powerful packages?

Anyways, now I'm wondering: what is the most powerful Linux
distribution? Say, percentage-wise.

~Mr. Bad

Mister Bad <mr.bad@pigdog.org>
Pigdog Journal

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