[linux-elitists] SPF

Adam Sampson azz@us-lot.org
Thu Jan 29 03:58:32 PST 2004

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> Another example is that I often send mail using my joeyh@debian.org
> email address, when I am doing something connected with the Debian
> project. So do other project members, but there's no good way to
> actually relay that mail through the debian servers that I know of.

One approach is to use your "real" address as the envelope sender
address (i.e. what SPF checks), and put your debian.org address in the
From: header. From RFC 2822:

  "The "From:" field specifies the author(s) of the message,
   that is, the mailbox(es) of the person(s) or system(s) responsible
   for the writing of the message.  The "Sender:" field specifies the
   mailbox of the agent responsible for the actual transmission of the

This looks really ugly to Outlook users, though; it apparently shows
up as something like "Adam Sampson on behalf of Adam Sampson".

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