[linux-elitists] Groupware servers

Andrew akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com
Tue Jan 27 18:57:07 PST 2004

> > - everything is stored in postgres (emails, attachments, you name it)
> There are ups and downs to this, though I tend to agree that storing the
> mail itself would be better in something like Maildir.  Perhaps they're
> trying to emulate Exchange (everything locked up so you can't diagnose
> easily) as near as possible? :-)

I agree, but it's all documented.  In fact it's quite amazing perusing the 
postgres database of the 3500+ outlook contacts I dumped in there.  I can 
finally get at all that data!

I really really REALLY want an LDAP frontend to the contacts.  IMAP is done 
so the email can be had from any client...  so I suppose there are benefits 
to this.  And I love Postgres too so it's really groovy that way.

> > - CORBA is not NAT-friendly
> In what circumstances is that a downside?  I can't imagine the target
> audience wanting to NAT their pseudo-Exchange server to the world.  Or
> are you saying CORBA isn't safe over a tunnelled connection?

I'm saying that their CORBA implementation has the endpoint address embedded 
in the data portion of the packets as well as the headers.  This is 
assinine, braindead thinking.  You never know when you have to deal with a 
broken network and this is just one more cause for grief.

My particular scenario is hitting the E4L server over the internet; why on 
earth would I put my groupware server completely online?  I'd rather port 
forward what I need, but their CORBA implementation breaks this.  I set up 
an IPSec tunnel and it's fine, which is probably better in the end, but 
putting address info in the data portion of the packet is plain wrong.

> > - the IMAP server is written in Python
> How is that a downside?

It's just slower and it means I can't use my already working, tried tested 
and true IMAP server which supports server-side filtering, TLS, SSL and all 
kinds of other goodies.

Mind you with the E4L internal protocols documented I bet it's possible to 
write a storage plugin for Courier...


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