[linux-elitists] Local delivery MTA and Return-Path

Arik Baratz arikb@vidius.co.il
Tue Jan 27 10:49:21 PST 2004

Hello elitists

After a recent thread [1] the SPF [2] mailing list, I'd like to conduct
a small survey among the elitists here regarding the Return-Path: header.

For those that have forgotten, the Return-Path header is supposed to be
added to an RFC-2822 message when the message leaves the SMTP (RFC-2821)
system. It is supposed to preserve the envelope sender of the message,
and RFC-2821 section 4.4 tells us that compliant MTAs MUST do this.

Hence my survey: I'd like to know which MTAs comply with RFC-2821 to the
extent of adding the Return-Path header to the message. If you can be so
kind and write me back the following data:

1. MTA brand and version
2. Does the MTA add the Return-Path header to INBOUND mail messages

I'd be grateful, and so will the people on the SPF mailing list. The
reason for this header's importance is that SPF relies on the envelope
sender for its tests, and if a user-mode utility that does SPF is to be
developed, it needs to know what the envelope sender was.

Thanks in advance.

-- Arik

[1] http://archives.listbox.com/spf-discuss@v2.listbox.com/200401/1178.html
[2] http://spf.pobox.com 

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