[linux-elitists] The desktop in your pocket

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Mon Jan 26 11:36:35 PST 2004

begin  Larry M. Augustin  quotation:
> Ah.  I think that I see my confusion.  Nick, what did you mean by
> "address both internal and external displays separately"?  One
> framebuffer displayed on both displays simultaneously?  One large
> framebuffer split between the two displays?  Two independent
> framebuffers?

	I do not mean one framebuffer displayed on both screens
simultaneously.  That would be goofy given the anemic resolution of
the built-in display.  I just think it would be great to have, say,
one xterm on the back of the box, and the rest of the environment on
the big screen.  Or maybe use the built-in screen for status messages
or syslog.

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	-- Lewis Mumford


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