[linux-elitists] cdparanoia patches to deal with copy crippled music discs

Mike MacCana mikem@cyber.com.au
Mon Jan 19 21:13:35 PST 2004

It seems the vast majority of music recently released in (offline) is in
the form of a copy protected disc. I'd strike a blow for fair use and
return them if I thought it'd make a difference, but since most people
don't (yet) care, I don't think it will.

While Windows users have a wide variety of apps at their disposal for
ripping music CDs, particularly CDEX (cdex.sf.net) Linux users have the
3-years-unmaintained cdparanoia, which doesn't seem to be able to deal
with most copy-crippled discs.

I've heard rumbling of patches to cdparanoia (authored by the folks at
2600) to enable it to deal with at least one type of copy-crippling.

Does anyone have a copy of the relevant patch or documentation?



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