Is GNOME > you? (was Re: [linux-elitists] Re: GNOME > you)

Modus Operandi
Mon Jan 19 01:57:14 PST 2004

In the immortal words of Jeff Waugh <>:
> <quote who="Jim Richardson">
> > Galeon incorporated too much GNOME
> Very good description of the Galeon/Epiphany/GNOME stuff by the inimitable
> Luke Stroven:
> - Jeff

  Hey all,

      A few weeks ago, I erroneously reported that Galeon didn't handle
      MIME types correctl, prompting Jeff Perkypants to admit that GNOME
      has "urky" MIME handling.

      Although I erased those messages, I'd still like to correct them.

      GNOME has fine MIME handling for the stuff I was mentioning. (.doc
      files open in AbiWord, .xls files in Gnumeric, and of course .pdf
      has several options.) The only thing that is missing, which is
      what I was looking for, is a cumbersome menu interface like
      Mozilla's, where you can assign helper applications manually.

      I applaud the work done by the GNOME folks. There's no need for
      clunky GUI menus in this case ... it "just works." I don't even
      care if the manual config is "urky." I don't need to use it!

      Now I must hang my head in shame for posting to the list before
      checking for myself, based on user comments (the cafe box in
      question is not one of my primary computers, but it's in use
      twelve hours a day by clueless Cafe denizens.) Turns out that what
      the Cafe User meant is that the unstable Galeon I installed
      sometimes crashes -- which I consider no big deal because of its
      excellent crash recovery.

      In the meantime, I've installed Mozilla Firebird as the default
      Cafe browser. The features I miss the most from Galeon are the
      menu-bar widget to resize text and the afrementioned crash
      recovery. I have noted, however, that Firebird is incredibly easy
      to customize (you can even install the "gnusto" plugin to play
      text adventures in Z-machine format!) so I have hope that my
      research will uncover a text-resizing widget for the browser menu,
      and maybe someday even Galeon-style crash recovery (not that
      Firebird has crashed ... yet!)


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