[linux-elitists] WiFi Network Troubleshooting Resources?

Adam Kessel adam@bostoncoop.net
Mon Jan 12 12:27:30 PST 2004

I don't typically think l-e is intended as a support forum, aside from
the occasional support subtopic of a broader flamewar (e.g., Gnome
stuff), but I've hit a wall with a WiFi issue and I'm wondering if any of
the numerous WiFi-experienced bright folks here can suggest: 

(1) A good newsgroup or mailing list for WiFi network issues
(2) A solution to my problem 

I've posted both to comp.networks <http://shorl.com/bujitedomemi> and
debian-laptop <http://shorl.com/fudohidobrustu> and received no
responses.  The general gist of my problem is being able to see a WLAN
with one PCMCIA WiFi card but not the other, but it's a bit more
complicated and quirky.  See the debian-laptop posting for the better
framing of the question. 

Thanks for any tips or pointers to better question-asking fora.
Adam Kessel
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