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Brian Danger Hicks hick0142@umn.edu
Mon Jan 12 11:09:35 PST 2004

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 07:41:18PM -0500, Andrew wrote:
> > Do it soon... Lego is ceasing sales of all their electronic products due
> > to poor financial performance of the company.  They've tossed a couple of
> > high-level execs and are stating they're going back to just making little
> > plastic blocks.
> They need to get out of the model business and back into the LEGO business.  
> My son's pretty hooked on the Bionicle series but Jesus H. Christ on a pogo 
> stick that ain't lego... it's a block of completely useless pieces that can 
> construct one thing.

Well, according to the reports, LEGO is dropping not only the Mindstorms
stuff that we all want them to keep offering, they're also dropping all
of the licensed stuff, like the Harry Potter and Star Wars stuff.  The
official statement is that they want to get back to making "colored
bricks" which I rather support.  I do wonder how far back they're
looking to set their product line.  I personally liked it when they just
had the basic blocks, the generic town, castle and space sets, and the
more free-form technic sets of about 10 years ago.  It may be that
they're looking to go all the way back to when it was just the basic
solid blocks, which I think would be a bit severe of a response.

> Bring back the full technic sets with gears and pneumatics and pieces you 
> can reuse and make a bazillion different creations with... not something 
> you may as well glue together as you're building it since the pieces can't 
> be used for anything else.

I agree completely here, the best technic sets they ever had were the
ones that didn't have any specific model that you were supposed to make,
just a bunch of bricks, or for those with slightly more money, a bunch
of bricks and a motor or some pnumatic pistons.

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