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Matt Reynolds entropy@loopysoft.com
Fri Jan 9 08:12:20 PST 2004

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Adam Kessel wrote:
| Although I've discovered that installing previously uninstalled packages
| within the alternatives system will override a manually set alternative.
| This often happens with x-terminal-emulator. I haven't been able to find
| anyway for a manually set alternative to remain in place when the newly
| installed package has a higher priority than the one selected in
| alternatives.


According to that man page, it should do it automatically:
Each link group is, at any given time, in one of two modes: automatic or
manual. When a group is in automatic mode, the alternatives system will
automatically decide, as packages are installed and removed, whether and
how to update the links. In manual mode, the alternatives system will
not change the links; it will leave all the decisions to the system

Link groups are in automatic mode when they are first introduced to the
system. If the system administrator makes changes to the system's
automatic settings, this will be noticed the next time
update-alternatives is run on the changed link's group, and the group
will automatically be switched to manual mode.

Each alternative has a priority associated with it. When a link group is
in automatic mode, the alternatives pointed to by members of the group
will be those which have the highest priority.
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