[linux-elitists] gnome, trial by fire

David Nusinow dnusinow@sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 8 21:30:10 PST 2004

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 04:37:58PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Yep - holding down shift will do that. :-) Plus, Nautilus draws the icons of
> open windows 'ghosted', which is really neat for the spatiality. ;-)

Hmm... it didn't do that last time I tried. I'll give it another go next time 
I'm in gnome. Or is this a 2.5 thing? The ghosted thing looks cool too,
although I'll reserve judgement until I actually try the thing ;-)

> > The speedup is welcome too. Any shot at cloning the spring loaded folders
> > too one of these days?
> Patents. :-(

Gawd dammit. I guess they're not necessary, since you can basically do
the exact same thing with the shift-key trick you mentioned above.

 - David Nusinow

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