[linux-elitists] Seriously cool feature of Nautilus

Harkness, David DHarkness@sonypictures.com
Thu Jan 8 12:59:09 PST 2004

Jim Richardson wrote:
> Scroll wheel zooms in and out of an image, in nautilus's
> image view pane

That is a brilliant feature -- simple, obvious and useful. One thing I'd
love to see in web browsers to go along with the ability to resize text
with the mousewheel is to scale the images as well.

I have very bad vision, so I kick up the resolution and scale the fonts
as it's harder to read large fonts when they're blocky. The problem is
that most websites are designed for medium resolution, so I'm left with
readable fonts and *tiny* pictures. It only gets worse when sites use
images for buttons. :(

Anyway, I'm just surprised this hasn't shown up yet. Unfortunately, it's
been too long since I've done any serious C/C++ coding to add it to
mozilla myself.

David Harkness
Sr. Software Engineer
Sony Pictures Digital Networks
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