[linux-elitists] Re: GNOME report.

Jim Richardson warlock@eskimo.com
Thu Jan 8 11:24:16 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 07:09:27PM +0000, Jason Lunz wrote:
>warlock@eskimo.com said:
>>>middle-click desktop -> customize -> workspaces, add the ones you want,
>>>and name them. they'll be persistent after that.
>> yeah, I did that, problem was, it didn't work.=20
>strange. it works for me, but only if you give the workspaces names. If
>you just create them without naming them, they get lost on next login.
>no idea why.

Yeah, I named them the first time, after that, I didn't bother, I knew
they wouldn't be around long enough to learn to love them.  :)

>> Nice description of the system, but no help in making the problem go
>> away. Unless I missed it?=20
>no, you didn't. I just found that once I understood what was going on,
>it didn't confuse me anymore and even turned out to be useful (in that
>it's easy to accidently lose the primary selection, but things in the
>clipboard tend to stay there until you explicitly replace them).

The info was nice, what I really wanted though, was a way to use the
mouse to paste the selection with the mmb, maybe if the selection buffer
is empty, it could grab the first/latest item on the clipboard? or at
least pop-up a window with the various clipboard selections? 

I view changing from kbd to mouse, to something akin to a context switch
from userland, to kernel, and I try to minimise them :)

Jim Richardson     http://www.eskimo.com/~warlock
Any nitwit can understand computers. Many do. 
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