[linux-elitists] Re: GNOME report.

Jason Lunz lunz@falooley.org
Thu Jan 8 11:09:27 PST 2004

warlock@eskimo.com said:
>>middle-click desktop -> customize -> workspaces, add the ones you want,
>>and name them. they'll be persistent after that.
> yeah, I did that, problem was, it didn't work.=20

strange. it works for me, but only if you give the workspaces names. If
you just create them without naming them, they get lost on next login.
no idea why.

> Nice description of the system, but no help in making the problem go
> away. Unless I missed it?=20

no, you didn't. I just found that once I understood what was going on,
it didn't confuse me anymore and even turned out to be useful (in that
it's easy to accidently lose the primary selection, but things in the
clipboard tend to stay there until you explicitly replace them).


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