[linux-elitists] WindowManagers

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Thu Jan 8 10:21:15 PST 2004

<quote who="Jim Richardson">

> Something like that, what I would like, would be a std text box, you enter
> the string and select "send to" or something, and it pushes it off to the
> browser, packed with the URL wrapped for ebay or whatever. Like Galeon's
> smart bookmarklets (which I miss terribly! sniff) 

Webeyes. :-) Oh, and Galeon still has those.

> The url mangling stuff is easy enough to do in python, pushing the python
> stuff from the GNOME panel is where I am lost. 

gnome-python has excellent panel-loving stuff. But stuff exists to do this

- Jeff

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