[linux-elitists] Re: GNOME report.

Jason Lunz lunz@falooley.org
Thu Jan 8 07:04:39 PST 2004

warlock@eskimo.com said:
> Can't resize a window by the edges, when you've maxed it with the
> windowbar button, can't even move it.=20

middle-click desktop -> customize -> minimizing and maximizing ->
uncheck "Lock position and size while windows are maximized".

> GNOME loses my multiple desktops when restarted. (like after a reboot.)

middle-click desktop -> customize -> workspaces, add the ones you want,
and name them. they'll be persistent after that.

> Selecting "copy link address" from the URL menu in GNOME terminal,
> results in said selection *not* being placed in the X selection, but in
> some GNOME specific thing. Making it absolutely useless for mmb paste.
> Frankly, this sucks.=20

primary selection vs. clipboard:

> Can't make the vDesktops sequence circular, so that running off the edge
> of the last one, pops you to the beginning of the first one.=20

I haven't figured this one out yet.

Finally, if you do want to change window managers, i don't think
"killall sawfish; metacity" will work because sawfish is persistent in
gnome session. I think you want to go to "Desktop preferences ->
Advanced -> Sessions" and remove sawfish from your session before
running a new WM.


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