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Jim Richardson warlock@eskimo.com
Thu Jan 8 04:13:51 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 10:08:12PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
><quote who="Jim Richardson">
>> > I haven't even mentioned the three HTML renderers in various areas of
>> > GNOME..)
>> ooh! a scavenger hunt!
>Ha ha ha.
>> um, what do you mean by html renderer? you mean like nautilus and the
>> help file thingy?
>No, actual rendering engines. :-) I'll not say, so you can have a fun hunt.
>But ping me if you want to know. (Note: This does include important GNOME
>apps that *aren't* in the Desktop release.)

like khtml in KDE? 

>> >>Jeff, are you *sure* you've done useability studies on the menu structure?
>> >>Multimedia, on the first level of the Add to panel, shows no movie
>> >>viewers, no dvd players, but a volume app, and a cd player... Ok, that's
>> >>*some* of the functionality, but multi, to me, implies video as well as
>> >>sound. 
>> >
>> >Do you have any installed? :-) In my Multimedia menu, I have: CD Player,
>> >EasyTAG, MPlayer, Quark Music Player, Rhythmbox, Sound Juicer CD Ripper,
>> >Sweep (which totally rocks, btw, check it out), Totem Movie Player, Vanity
>> >Webcam Utility, Volume Control, Volume Control (ALSA) [1], XMMS, 
>> >realplayer.
>> I mean that rt click on the panel, select, add to panel, select
>> multimedia, and all I get is the CD app, and the volume app, I have a
>> bitchload of stuff like Mplayer, Xine, Ogle, VLC, etc. installed, and
>> it's present in the add->launcher-from-menu->multimedia selection, but
>> not the add->multimedia section. Seems odd. 
>Oh, the Add to Panel -> Multimedia section is for *applets*. I totally grok
>why this is confusing. The Volume and CD Player things there are applets
>that sit on the panel and 'do stuff' not 'launch stuff'.

yeah, but frankly, the applet/application distinction is pretty silly.
At least from the Joe Sixpack direction. It just adds confusion that is
not neccesary. 

(btw, the GNOME dictionary applet is way cool, but it definately behaves
like an application :)

Oh, is there a simple way to create an applet, like the dictionary one,
that would just toss the words entered at a browser with google or ebay
or something? 
Jim Richardson     http://www.eskimo.com/~warlock
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change, the courage to change the things I can, and the
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