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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Thu Jan 8 03:08:12 PST 2004

<quote who="Jim Richardson">

> > I haven't even mentioned the three HTML renderers in various areas of
> > GNOME..)
> ooh! a scavenger hunt!

Ha ha ha.

> um, what do you mean by html renderer? you mean like nautilus and the
> help file thingy?

No, actual rendering engines. :-) I'll not say, so you can have a fun hunt.
But ping me if you want to know. (Note: This does include important GNOME
apps that *aren't* in the Desktop release.)

> >>Jeff, are you *sure* you've done useability studies on the menu structure?
> >>Multimedia, on the first level of the Add to panel, shows no movie
> >>viewers, no dvd players, but a volume app, and a cd player... Ok, that's
> >>*some* of the functionality, but multi, to me, implies video as well as
> >>sound. 
> >
> >Do you have any installed? :-) In my Multimedia menu, I have: CD Player,
> >EasyTAG, MPlayer, Quark Music Player, Rhythmbox, Sound Juicer CD Ripper,
> >Sweep (which totally rocks, btw, check it out), Totem Movie Player, Vanity
> >Webcam Utility, Volume Control, Volume Control (ALSA) [1], XMMS, 
> >realplayer.
> I mean that rt click on the panel, select, add to panel, select
> multimedia, and all I get is the CD app, and the volume app, I have a
> bitchload of stuff like Mplayer, Xine, Ogle, VLC, etc. installed, and
> it's present in the add->launcher-from-menu->multimedia selection, but
> not the add->multimedia section. Seems odd. 

Oh, the Add to Panel -> Multimedia section is for *applets*. I totally grok
why this is confusing. The Volume and CD Player things there are applets
that sit on the panel and 'do stuff' not 'launch stuff'.

> > Heh. Good feedback though, thanks! I hope my answers are helping.
> Yeah, they are. Thanks. 


- Jeff

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