[linux-elitists] GNOME report.

Nathaniel Smith njs@pobox.com
Thu Jan 8 00:22:23 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 12:08:18AM -0800, Jim Richardson wrote:
> Actually, that's just what GNOME session gave me, I think it's a debian
> thing, but I don't know. I do know that I had a couple of other wms
> installed, including larswm, and KDM (maybe that's the problem? ) first
> started GNOME up with lwm, not particularly useful. Oem maybe it was
> 9wm, I forget. 

Probably it defaults to "x-window-manager", a symlink to some window
manager deemed to be "sensible" somehow.  It's managed with
alternatives; I think it just defaults to the first or last wm you
installed, or something like that, but you can change it by modifying
/etc/alternatives/x-window-manager to point at the default you'd

-- Nathaniel

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