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Jim Richardson warlock@eskimo.com
Thu Jan 8 00:08:18 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 06:29:28PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
><quote who="Jim Richardson">
>> Dislikes:
>>    Severity:   Broken
>> Can't resize a window by the edges, when you've maxed it with the
>> windowbar button, can't even move it. 
>That's by design in metacity. I think it makes sense, because unexpected
>interactions (like people resizing the start bar in Windows) are avoided by
>policy. So, good in metacity, but you can change your window manager. Oddly,
>you seem to have done that anyway (you say you're using sawfish below), in
>which case there are a multiplicity of options and themes that can change
>that for you.

Actually, that's just what GNOME session gave me, I think it's a debian
thing, but I don't know. I do know that I had a couple of other wms
installed, including larswm, and KDM (maybe that's the problem? ) first
started GNOME up with lwm, not particularly useful. Oem maybe it was
9wm, I forget. 

>> GNOME loses my multiple desktops when restarted. (like after a reboot.)
>You say below that you're using sawfish - it *probably* means you're using
>an older version of sawfish that doesn't do NETWM stuff. Newer versions do
>all the right things when you change things from the GNOME workspaces applet
>and when you change things from the sawfish configuration.

ii  sawfish        1.3+cvs2003110 A window manager for X11

which is the one with Sid. 

>> Kbd shortcuts for actions and applications bar, don't work.  I can
>> configure them, change them, see the new ones, but none of them work. 
>Hrm, haven't seen this before. Things like Alt-F2 for "Run..." and stuff?

yeah, nogo. Probably something funky in my config somewhere, but it's

>> Selecting "copy link address" from the URL menu in GNOME terminal,
>> results in said selection *not* being placed in the X selection, but in
>> some GNOME specific thing. Making it absolutely useless for mmb paste.
>> Frankly, this sucks. 
>Using that menu item will put the URL into the CLIPBOARD. Selecting it will
>put it into PRIMARY (which you're referring to as the "X selection"). I
>think it would most likely make sense to change *both* when choosing this
>menu item, even though it diverges from standard "cut/copy/paste" menu item
>behaviour. Please suggest this in bugzilla.

Ok, how do I do that? (Feel free to say rtfm, provided you show me where
the fm is :)

>>    Severity:   Annoying
>> Mouse pointer goes across v-desktop border with no resistance, really
>> annoying, causing one to pogo from desktop to desktop in order to click on
>> buttons near the edge, or manipulate the scroll bar with the mouse. 
>> Can't make the vDesktops sequence circular, so that running off the edge
>> of the last one, pops you to the beginning of the first one. 
>Sawfish stuff, sorry.

fair enough. 

>> System is a bit "sluggish" compared to WindowMaker, but that's to be
>> expected, and it's not as bad as I feared, or as bad as it was a few revs
>> ago. 

probably sawfish stuff ;) 

>> Sawfish is pretty snappy itself, mem requirements seem to be on the same
>> order of magnitude as WindowMaker.
>Metacity is even better in this respect - and can actually be built without
>a lot of GNOME stuff for almost-embedded use - but I'm not sure if you'd be
>satisfied by its default behaviour and preferences.

Are they much different from Sawfish? I'd switch to metacity if that
made any diff. I am not stuck on sawfish, with the caveats of the above
stuff, it does what a WM should do, fade into the background. 

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