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Jim Richardson warlock@eskimo.com
Thu Jan 8 00:00:11 PST 2004

In an attempt to kindle discussion over something other than GNOME for a
while, I am posting the contents of a post I just made to colm. 


I was recently curious about a bit of common wisdom in *nix land. That
TWM and FVWM were "lightweight" windowmanagers, compared to their
brethren such as Afterstep and such. 

So I set out and ran a little test. I set up a testuser, called
tesbunny, on my machine, and started a GUI session from the console,
with each of the window managers I have installed, and ran top, to find
their memory usage. I then compared them. 

In the cases of windowm managers like WindowMaker, which have several
extra bits you can hang off them for functionality, (the Dockapps in
WindowManager being the prime example) I ignored those extra bits, this
is only a test of the WM resource uses themselves. In some cases, I
compare windowmanagers with different levels of functionality, so bear
that in mind.  The number I used for comparison, was the one that shows
up under ps, the column labled VSZ, which is the total amount of virtual
memory used by the process. It's not perfect, but it's a place to start.

WindowManager           VSZ (K bytes)
9wm                     2388
aewm                    2384
amiwm                   4564
enlightenment           7360
evilwm                  2380
fvwm                    4940
golem                   4484
ion                     2644
lwm                     4296
matchbox                4600
metacity                11788
openbox                 8116
oroborus                4340
phluid                  4352
ratpoison               2368
sapphire                3824
sawfish                 11476
waimea                  6032
windowmaker             6556
xfwm                    4824

I must admit, I was a bit appalled by Metacity and Sawfish, but those
are the numbers I found. 

Not sure what use these numbers are, other than flame fests, and
"mine is better than yours" stuff, but I was curious. For what it's
worth, my favourite wm, is WindowMaker. Although I am using GNOME with
Sawfish for now, to play with GNOME, perhaps I'll try WindowMaker with
GNOME later. 


Jim Richardson     http://www.eskimo.com/~warlock
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