[linux-elitists] GNOME report.

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Wed Jan 7 23:29:28 PST 2004

<quote who="Jim Richardson">

> Dislikes:
>    Severity:   Broken
> Can't resize a window by the edges, when you've maxed it with the
> windowbar button, can't even move it. 

That's by design in metacity. I think it makes sense, because unexpected
interactions (like people resizing the start bar in Windows) are avoided by
policy. So, good in metacity, but you can change your window manager. Oddly,
you seem to have done that anyway (you say you're using sawfish below), in
which case there are a multiplicity of options and themes that can change
that for you.

> GNOME loses my multiple desktops when restarted. (like after a reboot.)

You say below that you're using sawfish - it *probably* means you're using
an older version of sawfish that doesn't do NETWM stuff. Newer versions do
all the right things when you change things from the GNOME workspaces applet
and when you change things from the sawfish configuration.

> Kbd shortcuts for actions and applications bar, don't work.  I can
> configure them, change them, see the new ones, but none of them work. 

Hrm, haven't seen this before. Things like Alt-F2 for "Run..." and stuff?

> Selecting "copy link address" from the URL menu in GNOME terminal,
> results in said selection *not* being placed in the X selection, but in
> some GNOME specific thing. Making it absolutely useless for mmb paste.
> Frankly, this sucks. 

Using that menu item will put the URL into the CLIPBOARD. Selecting it will
put it into PRIMARY (which you're referring to as the "X selection"). I
think it would most likely make sense to change *both* when choosing this
menu item, even though it diverges from standard "cut/copy/paste" menu item
behaviour. Please suggest this in bugzilla.

>    Severity:   Annoying
> Mouse pointer goes across v-desktop border with no resistance, really
> annoying, causing one to pogo from desktop to desktop in order to click on
> buttons near the edge, or manipulate the scroll bar with the mouse. 
> Can't make the vDesktops sequence circular, so that running off the edge
> of the last one, pops you to the beginning of the first one. 

Sawfish stuff, sorry.

> System is a bit "sluggish" compared to WindowMaker, but that's to be
> expected, and it's not as bad as I feared, or as bad as it was a few revs
> ago. 


> Sawfish is pretty snappy itself, mem requirements seem to be on the same
> order of magnitude as WindowMaker.

Metacity is even better in this respect - and can actually be built without
a lot of GNOME stuff for almost-embedded use - but I'm not sure if you'd be
satisfied by its default behaviour and preferences.

- Jeff

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