[linux-elitists] Introducing Myself

Brian McGroarty brian@mcgroarty.net
Wed Jan 7 21:25:26 PST 2004

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 04:37:32PM -0500, Matthew W. Miller wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 01:42:41PM -0600, Brian McGroarty wrote:
> >
> >PC ROM BASIC lacked WHILE/WEND and REPEAT/UNTIL. I wouldn't swear to
> >it, but I don't think DO/LOOP [UNTIL] came on the scene until
> >Turbo/Quick/Real BASIC.
> Oh, big deal.  Commodore Basic had do/loop built-in in 1984 (Plus/4), 

Plus/4 gets a five year penalty for dropping SID and C64 sprites. Why
make the BASIC more powerful, then take away the best reasons for
using it in the first place?

> and Simons' Basic had loop/exit if/end loop (and for that matter, the 

I'll admit I only toyed with the graphics and sound extensions. The
renumbering command was probably the only other new command I touched.

> the point is, don't make excuses, foxboy.

Somebody's been doing their research!

There are a surprising number of posters with unusual platform
experience. In my office, it seems like you're the odd man out if you
ever owned anything but a Mac or a PC. The occasional renegade freak
might have an Apple ][ in the closet somewhere.

Why the broad variety on the list?
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