[linux-elitists] svlug site down

Rich Bodo rsb@ostel.com
Wed Jan 7 18:35:00 PST 2004

BTW, I noticed the SVLUG site is down, so I grabbed the directions out
of google's cache:

	Talk tonight is on twiki.

	Place:	Cisco Systems
		Building 9 - Vineyards Conference Center
		260 East Tasman Drive
		San Jose, CA

		Building 9 is at Cisco's East Tasman campus
		on East Tasman Drive between Zanker Road and Morgridge Way
		in North San Jose.
		Use the entrance near the fountains.

What I didn't see in the cache is the location of the post meeting
dinner.  Anyone know if it's still at IHOP on Great America Parkway or
did it move?


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