it's not a tumor (wasRe: [linux-elitists] MSFT Survey -- Fwd: [ Survey])

Martin Pool
Wed Jan 7 16:13:51 PST 2004

> They're still at it, trying to convince people that clusters of
> Windows machines make more sense than any other solution.  When I
> stopped by their booth to scan my card for an X-Box drawing (I've
> always wanted to try running a MythTV frontend on an X-Box, but have
> always been held back by the fact that I don't wish to actually *buy*
> an X-Box), the marketing lady handed me a cardboard case with 4 CDs in
> it (which I believe to be
> <> ), along with a
> Microsoft Rubik's cube.

According to that page, those disks include plapack, which seems to be

Is this the first case of Microsoft shipping GPL'd software?  How cool. 
I guess it's not cancerous after all!

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